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Volunteers Needed and ALL Uniforms Need To Be Washed

Volunteers Needed!

We have a need for volunteers for Monday night's Uniform Turn-In.  Please consider helping out!

Sign up HERE:

Please also note that EVERY UNIFORM NEEDS TO BE WASHED (and dried) before tomorrow.  See instructions for both washing and drying.

Any uniform not turned in or not washed only creates a hardship on other parents/volunteers.  Please make sure you have read the email and care guide.

UNIFORM TURN-IN - Monday March 19:

Seniors and Juniors 6-7:00pm
Freshman and Sophomores 7:30-8:30pm
DCHS Cafeteria

All students must turn in their uniform items and pay for any fees that might have accrued over the fall/winter.  If the times listed for your grade do not match your family's schedule, please come at the secondary time.  If you have a conflict with the entire day, please make plans to have someone drop off your items and funds for reimbursement if needed.

Outstanding Fees - Over the course of the fall and winter, if your child needed extra gloves or other accessories, we gave them their items but did not collect any money.  Please be prepared to pay for any items distributed to your band member.

Color Guard - If you rented any warm-up apparel, you must come on Monday.  If you didn't rent any apparel, you can turn in your garment bag to Mr. Wallick next week.

Click Here for:  Care Guide

Please read the guide before washing!

Major Items:

  • Remove the Baldric (sequins) before washing Jacket
  • Use only non-chlorine detergent. Do not use liquid fabric

    softener. If a softener sheet is required, use only one sheet per dry


  • Tumble dry low as directed on label. Do NOT use a hot dryer

    setting. A hot dryer setting will remove the crease.

  • Remove from dryer and hang immediately

  • VELCRO gauntlets TOGETHER and machine wash cool.  Wash separately from all other uniform items. Line Dry

Donating Items:

If you would like to donate items that do not fit your child or if they are graduating, please bring them on Monday.  All items will be taken including "white-ish" shoes.  These items are then re-distributed next season for anyone interested.

Registering for Band Camp:

If you would like to pay your deposit for next year's band camp at uniform turn-in, Mrs. Reeves will have a table for registration.  Registration Packets will be sent out later this week.


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