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Annual Fall Mattress Sale - Please Help!

It's time for our Annual Mattress Sale!!!

PLEASE READ BELOW.  WE NEED A LOT MORE CHAPERONES FOR SATURDAY.  (Please note that we will cancel any shifts that are in the rain.  No one will sit outside in the rain for any shift.  But lets plan on good weather and fill all the shifts!)

Chaperone Sign Up Below:

Also - Our only advertising for this event is YOU!  Please share the link on Facebook or make your own post!  What we have found, is that you never know who truly needs a new mattress unless you get the word out there.  (This doesn't come up too many times in random conversations....) Please CLICK ON THE LINK, then SHARE the following page to help all of our kids! (Don't copy and paste the link.)

Facebook Post Below:

Mattress Sale Info:

On Saturday, May 4 from 10:00am - 5:00pm we will be hosting our Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser.  Our current 9th, 10th and 11th graders are asked to complete a 1.5 hour shift in which we stand on a few street corners “drumming up” attention for our sale that same day.  The biggest help we need is for you to publicize the mattress sale to friends and family because it will help defray the costs of YOUR Band Camp fees for 2019.

Please keep spreading the word about the sale!  This is one of the best fundraisers of the year because not only  will your student benefit from the sale but so will the band!  Any senior families that participate can assign their sale to a younger band member as well!

Facebook, email and Twitter are great ways of getting the word out.  Search on Facebook for the "Just Get Sleep's" Dublin Coffman Mattress Sale and you can share this event easily.  Again, simply by doing so will generate cash for our kids.

For every mattress sold, you will receive a donation to your band camp costs for 2019.

Flyer for sending out on Facebook:  Social Media Flyer

Chaperones Info:

Please consider sitting in a lawn chair for 1.5 hours watching the kids in their PJs on a street corner.  It is a fun time and an extremely easy way to volunteer.  If the weather is "rainy" we don't sit on the street corner so please don't worry about being outside in the rain.  To make it easy, you can coordinate your time with your child's time.  Don't forget your lawn chair.  Just sit back and relax! 

Sign-Up Here to Help!  (Honestly, this is one of the easiest and most fun ways to chaperone.  The kids go crazy on the street corner, and you have a front row seat.  Literally a seat.  All you do is sit there and laugh...)

Every sale, our kids generate 10-15 sales from people who just see our kids out on the corner.  Without parents help, we can not send our students to these corners.

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