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Mid-July Band Information - 8 important items

Dear Coffman Band Families,


We are so excited to welcome you back to the 2019 Dublin Coffman Marching Band. There will send another email during pre-camp week with a map to camp and other information that is important closer to the time that we are leaving. Let me know if you need further information!


  1. Please see the attached packing list for band camp items.   Band Camp Packing List


  1. Please see the attached schedule for our summer and fall events.   2019 Band Schedule


  1. There will be an orientation meeting for New Band Parents and Freshman Band Parents on Tuesday, July 30 from 7:00-8:30 pm in the band room. This is a great opportunity to learn about camp and the band season, as well as ask questions. There is a learning curve to our organization and attending this orientation will definitely help with all of the nuances to how the band works.


  1. Group pictures for the football program will be taken on Thursday during rehearsal. The students will need their new summer uniform on that day. If you have not purchased the summer uniform yet, please get one at Embroidery Design Group on Billingsley Road. NEW SUMMER UNIFORM: The directing staff has chosen a uniform of comfortable, breathable athletic fabric that will look great and is cheaper than the previous summer uniform!  With the summer uniform, we wear "mostly white" shoes. This means that the students should choose an athletic shoe that is primarily white, with minimal decoration in a different color. These do not need to be new or expensive shoes. The $5-10 athletic shoes from any discount department store are completely adequate, as we only wear them about 5 times each year. The guard will wear the same uniform as the rest of the band but do not have to purchase the ball cap.

New Uniform Photo

Hat $8.00
T-Shirt- $12.00 S-XL, $14.00 2XL, $16.00 3XL, Short- $18.50 S-2XL, $21.50 3XL

The uniform is available at Embroidery Design Group, 2564 Billingsley Rd Columbus, OH 43235 · 614.798.8152.

Store Hours:

Mon, Tue: 8am - 7pm

Wed: 8am - 5pm


  1. Please be sure your child has a large water bottle to bring to pre-camp, band camp and every practice. This is different than a “bottle of water.” The students have frequent water breaks and are encouraged to drink a lot of water. We ask that they do not share water bottles to help prevent illnesses in the band.

Water Bottles

  1. We will be measuring for band shoes and warm-ups on Wednesday, July 30. Returning members should be sure to try on their shoes and warm-ups to be sure that they still fit.


  1. Squad Leader letters will be sent by email to their school account by the middle of next week.


  1. Please click here and complete this short form so that we know what kind of pizza you like:Band Student Pizza Selection

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