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Band Email 9-18-19

This Week's Schedule:
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30 (Winds and Percussion Bring Competition Hats in their Hat Boxes)
Friday - PICTURE DAY - Away Game vs Olentangy 
3:00 - Seniors to the Track for Picture
3:45 - Main Picture in Stands
4:00 - Pictures Begin in Commons
4:45 - Eat/Change/Load
5:30 - Leave for Olentangy
6:15 - Arrive
7:00 - Game
10:30 - Approx arrival back to DCHS
See Next Email for Info on Picture Day Forms.
PLEASE NOTE for UNIFORMS: All students should bring their uniform to school.  Please include Long Black Socks with their uniform. See below for notes on Hem Length.  This is extremely important.
PLEASE NOTE for FRIDAY DINNER: All students should bring their own packed dinner.  Please do not coordinate a pizza for your row because all students are eating and loading at different times.  Students will also get to eat at 8:15 during 3rd quarter.
Saturday - OMEA Contest at Logan Elm
2:00 - Warm-Up (Report)
3:50 - Eat/Change/Load
4:40 - Load Buses
5:00 - Leave
5:45 - Arrive
6:45 - Warm-Up
7:45  - At the Gate
8:00 - Performance
A dinner will be provided by the Activity Fund paid at Uniform Night.  Special thanks to the Special Events crew for providing this dinner.
Logan Elm High School:
9579 Tarlton Road, Circleville, Ohio 43113
Schedule for Last Block of Bands:
Logan Elm: 7:00pm
Bishop Patterson: 7:15
Middletown: 7:30
Olentangy Liberty: 7:45
Dublin Coffman: 8:00
Awards: 8:30
EST Return Home: 10:15pm
Next Week's Schedule:
Monday - Brass and Woodwinds Only 3:00 - 5:00
Tuesday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30
Wednesday - Color Guard and Percussion from 3:00 - 5:00
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30 (Bring Competition Hats)
Friday - Home Game vs. Pickerington North (Report Time approx. 5:00pm)  
Saturday - BOA Competition at Fortress Obetz - Obetz, OH
10:00am (approx) - Report to DCHS
11:35am - Students Bring a Packed Lunch
3:00 - Performance
*After Prelims, we will take the students back to DCHS to relax, sleep, complete homework or just relax.  Students are not permitted to leave the school.  We will have dinner before we leave back to Fortress Obetz if and when we make finals.
A finals performance will take place anywhere between 7:00-10:30pm.  There is a final "retreat" for all the bands at the end of the performances when they announce awards.  If you've never seen this, it is pretty neat to see all the kids from every Finalist band out on the field at once.  If you can stay for awards, we'd love to hear you cheer on the 'Rocks!
12:00am- Approx. Return to DCHS (Exact time sent by "Remind Text" on drive home.)
Dinner Provide through your Activity Fee

Uniform Instructions for ADDING THE CREASE to the Competition Uniform
Black Pants Uniform (known as the "Competition Uniform")
The hems are adjustable by snaps and bib straps - Most students need to adjust both.  Please take the time to do the following:

Find the hem length that puts the hem of the pants GENTLY touching the shoe laces.  NOTE: Students should stand at playing position to find this length.  You can adjust the hem AND you can adjust the bib straps near the shoulders.

Important: To adjust the hight of the uniform, please make adjustments to the snaps inside the pant leg AND make adjustments to the bib straps at the top of the bib pants.  By utilizing both of these, most of the kids can perfectly achieve the correct length.

Once you find the correct length, all pants should be pressed/ironed with LOW HEAT.  All students will be inspected on Fridays.  Please show your child how to iron.  These are important life skills they need.

All Winds and Percussion need long Black Socks

Pictures: Picture

Grading Policy:
If you have checked ProgressBook you will see that the we have given 2 music checks grades for this year.  If you are new to the band program, we would like to point out that all of our music check grades can be retaken until the end of the 9 weeks.  Please see the rubric below to follow your child's progress.  For the wind players, both "Music Check #1 + #2" are taken from the marching band show but we asked them to play really slow.  This ensures that every note and rhythm is learned properly so that future music checks will be able to be played at the correct tempo.  For Percussion and Color Guard, we will have a grade in next week that covers the first to segments of the show.  If a student scores below a 90%, the staff will reassess the music check until it becomes a 90% or higher.
As students (or parents) see a grade that is not typical for their students grade point average, please know that all music checks can/will be taken multiple times.  This grading scale gives students feedback to their progress.  It is not uncommon for a student to slowly work towards their 9 week goal of a 90% or above and re-take their music check multiple times.
Below you will find our Weighted Grading Scale and the Rubric for how we grade a music check.  
Grading Category Weights
40% Daily Participation
30% Playing Tests
10% Written Tests
20% Combination of Performance Participation and Playing Test on the concert music (Concert)*

*20% Performance Participation (Marching)

Playing Grade Deductions - This rubric is designed for students to know what they need to work on throughout the 9 weeks.
100 - Mastery of all technical and musical concepts
96 - All notes, excellent rhythms, excellent balance, excellent tone, excellent intonation
90 - All notes, good rhythms, good tone, slight tempo flux, good intonation
85 - Problems with notes and rhythms, fair tempo, fair tone, fair intonation (*needs to retake)
75 - Major problems with rhythm, pitches, tempo, and intonation (*needs to retake)
65 - Song attempted but not close to above criteria (*needs to retake)
0 - Song not attempted (*needs to retake)
Bradstreet Notes:
We have arrived at our first competition week!  We are excited to get roughly 80% of the show out on the field.  You will see/hear the drum break and you will hear our segment that includes a trumpet and trombone duet.  We will perform this show for the first two contests before we finish the show in roughly 3 weeks.  
The information overload continues!!  If you have a chance to just follow one person out on the field and watch how much information they need to possess for 6:30 minutes.  It is incredible to see the marching, playing, horns up, horns down, drum visuals, and color guard choreography that happens in this short amount of time.
We are right on track for where we want to be because every practice has had an excellent focus and excellent work ethic.  No matter how our competition ratings and rankings come out, we pride ourselves on the process and not the outcome.
We hope to see and hear you on Saturday at Logan Elm.  Cheer loud for the kids!  They feed off your energy!

Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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