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Band Email 9-25-19

This Week's Schedule:
Thursday - 3:15-5:30 (All Members)
Friday - Home Game vs Pickerington North
Competition Uniform (Don't forget your Ball Caps)
5:00 - Report
6:45 - Pre-Game
7:00 - Game
Saturday - BOA Competition at Fortress Obetz - Obetz, OH
Report in Street Clothes
Bring Competition Uniform (Please make sure your uniform is in Good Condition)
Bring A Packed Lunch (Dinner Provided)
10:00am - Report to DCHS
11:35am - Students Bring a Packed Lunch
3:00 - Performance
*After Prelims, we will take the students back to DCHS to relax, sleep, complete homework or just relax.  Students are not permitted to leave the school.  We will have dinner before we leave back to Fortress Obetz if and when we make finals.
A finals performance will take place anywhere between 7:45-10:30pm.  There is a final "retreat" for all the bands at the end of the performances when they announce awards.  If you've never seen this, it is pretty neat to see all the kids from every Finalist band out on the field at once.  If you can stay for awards, we'd love to hear you cheer on the 'Rocks!
12:00am- Approx. Return to DCHS (Exact time sent by "Remind Text" on drive home.)
Dinner Provide through your Activity Fee
Please see the following ticket prices to purchase on site, at the box office (Box office opens at 9:30am):
Day Pass - $31 (for both Prelims and Finals)
Prelims - $21 (for 3:00 Performance only)
Finals - $21

Discounts are offered for students, military, and seniors (65+) on-site at the box office only. Parking is FREE at this event.

Fortress Obetz
2015 Recreation Trail, 
Obetz, OH 43207
Schedule for Last Block of Bands IN PRELIMS (Hopefully we will perform twice):
DCMB: 3:00
Newark: 3:15
Moon Area: 3:30
Pickerington North: 3:45
Bellbrook: 4:00
Kiski Area: 4:15
Prelim Awards will take place at 4:45 and if we make Finals, we will send out our Finals time via Remind Text.  Second performance could be anywhere between 7:45-10:30pm.
Next Week's Schedule:
Monday - Brass and Woodwinds Only 3:00 - 5:00 (MUSIC RE-TAKES)
Tuesday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30
Wednesday - Color Guard and Percussion from 3:00 - 5:00
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30 (Bring Competition Hats)
Friday - Home Game vs. Marysville HOMECOMING AND BAND PARENTS NIGHT (Report Time approx. 5:00pm)  
Grading Policy:
If you have checked ProgressBook you will see that the we have given 2 music checks grades for this year.  If you are new to the band program, we would like to point out that all of our music check grades can be retaken until the end of the 9 weeks.  Please see the rubric below to follow your child's progress.  For the wind players, both "Music Check #1 + #2" are taken from the marching band show but we asked them to play really slow.  This ensures that every note and rhythm is learned properly so that future music checks will be able to be played at the correct tempo.  For Percussion and Color Guard, we will have a grade in next week that covers the first to segments of the show.  If a student scores below a 90%, the staff will reassess the music check until it becomes a 90% or higher.
As students (or parents) see a grade that is not typical for their students grade point average, please know that all music checks can/will be taken multiple times.  This grading scale gives students feedback to their progress.  It is not uncommon for a student to slowly work towards their 9 week goal of a 90% or above and re-take their music check multiple times.
Below you will find our Weighted Grading Scale and the Rubric for how we grade a music check.  
Grading Category Weights
40% Daily Participation
30% Playing Tests
10% Written Tests 
20% Combination of Performance Participation and Playing Test on the concert music (Concert)*

*20% Performance Participation (Marching)

Playing Grade Deductions - This rubric is designed for students to know what they need to work on throughout the 9 weeks.
100 - Mastery of all technical and musical concepts
96 - All notes, excellent rhythms, excellent balance, excellent tone, excellent intonation
90 - All notes, good rhythms, good tone, slight tempo flux, good intonation
85 - Problems with notes and rhythms, fair tempo, fair tone, fair intonation (*needs to retake)
75 - Major problems with rhythm, pitches, tempo, and intonation (*needs to retake)
65 - Song attempted but not close to above criteria (*needs to retake)
0 - Song not attempted (*needs to retake)
Bradstreet Notes:
I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss an important aspect of our band program: competitions.

It is my intention to create an environment that allows our kids to grow both as musicians and young adults. And where it is naive to think that our world does not consist of competitive people, businesses, situations, and environments, the Dublin Coffman band program uses competition to better ourselves.  Not to distance itself from other organizations.

Properly handled, competition can be a wonderful learning tool.  We can learn, stretch our abilities, and strive for goals we would otherwise consider to be unattainable.  We can also learn from each other and learn to live with each other’s inadequacies as a part of life’s lesson.  Not finishing in first place becomes acceptable if the members of the group continue their growth and do not take steps that hinder the learning process.

Being a winner is having the determination to continue to pursue what hasn’t been attained.  

This week we are traveling to a multi-state competition however, our goals haven’t changed.  We want to continue to improve everyday and to grow as musicians and people.  Everyday we have failures and successes.  Everyday we use these successes and failures to get better than the day before.  Our determination doesn’t come from competing with other bands, but from a drive to become better individuals and a better group.  In this type of environment, the bands we “compete” against are participants towards a common goal, not our adversaries.

We hope you enjoy the marching band season.  It is a great time for growth both as people and as musicians.



Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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