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Band Email 10-23-19

This Week's Schedule:
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30
Friday - HOME vs Westland (not U.A.)
Competition Uniform (Don't forget your Ball Caps)
(See below for details)

Next Week's Schedule:
Monday - No Wind Sectionals
Tuesday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30 (Parent Run Through)
Wednesday - Color Guard 3:00-End Early and No Percussion Sectional
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30
Friday - AWAY @ Upper Arlington

Details for Oct. 25 + 26
5:30am - Report to DCHS - In Bib Pants and Shoes (rest in Garment Bag)
6:30 - Load
7:00 - Leave
(Student's need to BRING a Lunch to eat on the Bus and Maybe a Snack)
10:40 - Arrive
11:20 - Enter Stadium
12:30 - Perform
1:45 - Leave Lucas Oil
5:00 - Arrive at DCHS
(We will eat a quick dinner provided by the Activity Fund)
5:45 - Rehearsal with Senior Parents at FOOTBALL PRACTICE FIELD
6:40 - Senior Night Pre-Game
7:00 - Game vs Upper Arlington

3:00pm - Report to DCHS - (In Street Clothes)
3:30 - Leave for Lucas Oil
6:30 - Arrival
(Eat dinner at Lucas Oil - Bring Money)
7:30 - Watch/Perform at Finals
10:45 - Leave Lucas Oil (We will leave before the very last band)
2:00am - (Sunday)  Arrive Back to DCHS

Attention Senior Parents:
Senior Parent Report time is 5:45p.m. at the FOOTBALL practice field (not the band field) - We will have a rehearsal on the Football practice field before Pre-Game. Our main goal is to correctly pronounce your name(s) and learn where to go on the field.

We will start the Pre-Game ceremony at 6:40p.m. at Coffman Stadium. If you can't make it at 5:45, please discuss where to go with your senior. Parents of each senior will have their names given to the athletic department for free admission, however, everyone else in your family will need a ticket. Please dress however you feel most comfortable.  A Coffman parent will be taking pictures and posting it to the "smugmug" page.  If you are not concerned on how fashionable you look for the picture, neither are we!
Family Run Through - Tuesday, Oct. 29 - 5:00pm - Band Practice Field
Have you ever wanted to learn the cool body choreography in the ballad?  Have you ever tried spinning the flag?  Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be on the field with the drums, winds and brass playing next to you?  Well now is your chance!!

It is a tradition for our parents, siblings and even grandparents to show up at 5:00pm in our last week of practice and learn the marching band show.  It is a fun time in which we all get to see the hard work our kids have put into this year's show.  It is one of the best days of the year.  We typically have one family march the "dot" for each segment of the show.  If you have little brothers and sisters, you can bring them all along and we will teach even Grandpa how to march!

Band on the Run 5K - Wrap Up
A HUGE shout out to Mr. McHie, Mrs. Mundy, Mrs. Bunt and the rest of the 5K team for an amazing 5K Fundraiser.  Final numbers are not in yet, but with the amount of donations we received, this will almost certainly be our biggest year.  Projections show that we've raised near $15,000.  This amounts to over $100 for each family that we've raised to help lower the costs for band through this one fundraiser.  THANK YOU TO OUR TEAM!!  YOU GUYS ROCKED IT!!!
Bradstreet Notes:
If you were able to see one of our shows from Springfield or Jerome, you know by now how special our show has become through the story we are telling on the field.  To hear people buy into the aesthetics of our story has been truly amazing.  It's one thing for 15-18 year olds to perform an amazing show, but it is another for them to communicate a story line that makes people say "awwwwww" at the end.
The end of the year is almost upon us and we are in the middle of our big push.  This is the most important time for our performance schedule.  Having 3 weeks in a row of performances gives us the chance to perform the full show multiple times, to allow each of our shared positions a chance to perform the full show and to have consistency for our best performances.
Another special event happened on Saturday.  For the first time in Coffman history we were able to march two separate group of Shared marchers.  This gave almost every student a chance to be a part of the success this group is having on the same day.  Knowing that Saturday was a long day for us, it meant a lot to the Shared marchers for having two opportunities to shine in the spotlight!  Way to go, Shareds!!!
Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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