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Indy Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend!!

We haven't had a performance at Lucas Oil and a football game on the same day since 2015.  During 4th quarter it was amazing to see the kids with so much energy.  In fact, we had to ask the kids to leave the band room at the end of the night.  It helps to only have a game that went to 9:00 as well.  (Go Rocks...)
Your kids were incredible for Friday and Saturday!  Not only were they amazing on the performance stage but they were also incredible as young adults.  The behavior of this group since we started is one of the best (if not THE best) of students I've ever taught.
I hope your kids were diligent in their studies throughout the weekend.  My daughter was up on Saturday getting her college essays ready before our 3:00 report time and then Sunday was filled with getting ready for the start of the school week.  If not, we've offered all of the teachers at DCHS use of 5th period to help get caught up.  Also, with a lessened rehearsal week, we also have time after school to meet with a teacher.
Please click on the following:  Indy Trip Survey 2019
This attachment contains every response we received today in regards to the trip.  We heard what they liked and what they didn't.  The responses will make your heart swell with pride in how much they enjoyed this experience.  (Apparently one of our students really liked the nachos.)  This trip is not something that we've ever done every year but maybe we will make a return trip in two years.  
As always, please let me know if you have a question.  There are so many items that come up throughout the season that might need simple clarification.  If I can't email, I can certainly call home.
Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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