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Band Email 11-6-19

This Week's Schedule:
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30

Friday - HOME vs Perrysburg - REPORT TIME is 5:15pm
WARM-UP UNIFORM (Don't forget your Ball Caps and Black Shoes)
*Students can (and should) wear fleece pants or Under Armour underneath their pants and jackets.  Two pairs of socks is recommended.  Dress warm.
This will be an EXTREMELY COLD night.  Please double check with your child that they have the appropriate clothing.

Next Week's Schedule:
Monday - No Practice
Tuesday - No Practice
Wednesday - No Practice
Thursday - All Members from 3:15 - 5:30
Friday - TENTATIVE Away Game Depending Upon Outcome of Friday

Marching Band Schedule During the PLAYOFFS:
The band will rehearse for all play-off games on Thursdays after school.  We will start at 3:10 and finish when the "work is done".  We typically get done around 5:00.  We are flexible with your schedules but ask that anything "routine" be worked around such as work or doctor's visits.  Excused absences such as out-of-town trips or practice for a winter sports are all excused absences.  Participation in games are mandatory except where excused by Mr. Bradstreet.  Please remember that all GAMES are on FRIDAYs.


Private Lessons:
Our participation in private lessons has dramatically slipped over the past few years.  Private lessons are the single best way to help our program succeed on the field and the concert stage.  Attached is the list of preferred teachers.  With concert band auditions and solo and ensemble around the corner, now is the time to start!  One thing to understand is that taking private lessons is not like the relationship with a tutor for academics.  The biggest difference is that with music lessons you are committing to a longer period of time.  We do not want to see students being "tutored" in order to be ready for auditions.  To help gain musical knowledge, music instruction is a longer journey that is much like an athlete training.  

Private Lesson Teachers:  Click for UPDATED Lesson Teachers

If you have any questions about how private lessons work or if they would be good for your child, please email Jeremy Bradstreet at <>

Bradstreet Notes:
What an amazing performance we had for our OMEA State Finals!  This was an amazing culmination of hard work and dedication that resulted in an outstanding performance.  To see how far our freshmen have come has been amazing.  I honestly feel that this might be the most talented freshman class we've had from top to bottom in my career.  

On Monday we also saluted our sophomores.  For those new to band, the sophomore year can be difficult because they do not receive the same attention from their freshman year.  They also don't receive the accolades that our junior and seniors receive from their leadership.  So we took a moment on Monday to salute our sophomores and make sure they received the attention they deserved.  Thank you SOPHOMORES!!

Audition material has been passed out.  Please make sure you hear the sweet sounds of your son or daughter's instrument in your house.  Each student has two weeks to prepare two etudes and their scales.  This audition will place them into one of three ability based bands directed by myself, Mr. Nippert and Mr. Wallick.  

These concert bands will have two to three more performances between now and the end of the school year that will take place at the high school during the week.  So as we look back on the past 3 weekends of band contests, we now look towards the rest of the year with only one more Saturday for solo and ensemble in January.  It's hard to believe that marching band only takes up 1/4 of the school year.  If your child places in our top concert band, this band might have two more performances if they take part in OMEA's Large Group Adjudication.

We wish our Rock's Football Team the best this Friday.  We are honored to root on one of Ohio's best football programs.  Good luck to Coach Crabtree and the rest of the team!  Let's bring home another "W"!


Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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