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Solo And Ensemble Times

Ensemble Groups Perform (Thursday After School):

All band members that are participating in ensembles on Jan. 25 will be performing their ensemble pieces this Thursday, Jan. 23 between 2:50 - 4:50 as a practice.  Performances are open to the public and will be held upstairs in the Choir Room and Orchestra Room.

This is the perfect time to video tape their performance because on Saturday, Jan. 25 there is NO VIDEO, AUDIO OR PHOTOS (CELL PHONES TOO...) allowed at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble event.  Penalty is disqualification and it is strictly enforced.

A detailed email with Thursday's Ensemble times will be sent early next week.

Solo And Ensemble at Reynoldsburg (Summit Campus) - Saturday, Jan. 25:

DC Schedule of Events at Reynoldsburg HS Summit Campus:  Schedule for Coffman

- To accommodate all schedules (students, directors, ensembles, etc.), we always have to change the times of some events. This avoids things like having a soloist scheduled to perform at the same time as an ensemble that they are in, etc. If your time has changes (far right column), you will see a time on the door outside your room that is the original time.  It is extremely important for all soloists and ensembles to communicate the original time with the judge before the event begins so they know how to find your form.  Always be considerate to judge so that these switches are smooth.  ALSO - please forward any questions to a Coffman director.  Never go to the main office and ask questions.

Students need to be driven to the SUMMITT CAMPUS for Reynoldsburg HS.  Do not go to the "old" Reynoldsburg HS.

- There is absolutely NO RECORDING/PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED of ANY KIND INCLUDING CELL PHONES! Please adhere to this rule, as ignoring it can result in disqualification of the performer(s).

Remember, there is no school transportation provided.

Requirements for Soloists: Scales

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