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Solo and Ensemble Last Minute Reminders



Reynoldsburg Summit Campus (not the old high school)
8579 Summit Rd, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
No charge to get in.

Last Minute Reminders:

Dress To Impress!

Ensembles should have measure numbers on the scores.

Soloists should have their instrument part with measure numbers.

Arrive 1 hour before schedule time.

Students should wait to pick up scores.  Wait patiently off to the side until the judge is done writing their comments.

If another group is using the score make sure the score gets to a director.

Soloists should double check their scale requirements.

Be respectful of the other performers.  Stay quiet in the halls.  Make sure you don't leave an event once it starts.

The directors can not be at every solo due to the busy schedule of the ensembles.  If we run by you in the hallway, please don't think that we don't want to be in the room with you.  Good luck!  You will do great!

Don't wear out your chops in the warm-up room.  Especially if you have multiple events.

Remember to laugh at the adjudicators jokes...

Lastly, being nervous is normal.  HOWEVER, because you have prepared, there is nothing to be nervous about. You just have normal feelings about performing in front of others.  Someday you will be in a job interview, or want a raise, or will be asking someone to marry you.  It will be moments like this that will build your confidence for the future.  #LifeSkillsThroughBand

Solo And Ensemble at Reynoldsburg (Summit Campus) - Saturday, Jan. 25:

DC Schedule of Events at Reynoldsburg HS Summit Campus:  Schedule for Coffman

- To accommodate all schedules (students, directors, ensembles, etc.), we always have to change the times of some events. This avoids things like having a soloist scheduled to perform at the same time as an ensemble that they are in, etc. If your time has changes (far right column), you will see a time on the door outside your room that is the original time.  It is extremely important for all soloists and ensembles to communicate the original time with the judge before the event begins so they know how to find your form.  Always be considerate to judge so that these switches are smooth.  ALSO - please forward any questions to a Coffman director.  Never go to the main office and ask questions.

Students need to be driven to the SUMMITT CAMPUS for Reynoldsburg HS.  Do not go to the "old" Reynoldsburg HS.

- There is absolutely NO RECORDING/PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED of ANY KIND INCLUDING CELL PHONES! Please adhere to this rule, as ignoring it can result in disqualification of the performer(s).

Remember, there is no school transportation provided.


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