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Concert Band Uniform for Concert on Feb. 27

Concert Band Attire

The following is needed for the Thursday, February 27 - Winter Concert.  We will wear our concert attire for all concert band performances and contests.

CONCERT DRESS REQUIREMENTS:  Click Here for Pictures and Requirements

Concert band students are required to dress in uniform outfits for each concert band performance. A portion of the concert grade is based on attendance and proper attire at these events. Failure to follow the listed dress requirements will result in a grade deduction for the individual student.

We have made every attempt to create a Concert Band uniform that will not only look professional on stage but also utilize many items of clothing that our students already own (i.e. black pants, black shoes, etc.)  Our female students have an option to purchase a black "concert" dress or a less expensive option of a black blouse with black pants.  Please see below for specifics.


-Long Sleeve, button down, black dress shirt (NO SHORT SLEEVES).
-Black Dress Pants
-LONG Black Socks
-Black Dress Shoes
-Hunter Green Tie (provided by school)
-All Items Solid Black, no patterns (see picture)


1st choice:
-Black dress or black blouse and black skirt (Below the calf or longer.  No sleeveless tops; conservative neckline)
-Black Shoes (flats or low heels)
-All Items Solid Black, no decorative additions (see picture)

2nd choice:
-Black blouse, no sleeveless tops
-Black Dress Pants
-Black Socks
-Black Dress Shoes (flats or low heels)
-All Items Solid Black, no patterns (see website listed below for examples)


Visual Examples: - Please see above for Pictures and Requirements.

*Also, for other examples of appropriate attire for ladies, see the examples at the top of the page at:

***REMINDER - Symphonic, Concert, Emerald Band concert is Thursday, February 27th***

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