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Band On-Line Learning

Dear Students and Parents,

It is amazing how fast life can change.  As adults, we've seen "curve balls" that will shake you to the core but our students might be experiencing their first "life shift".  Please know that music can be a wonderful tool for all of us as we begin a journey towards social distancing. 
On behalf of all the band directors, I want to share our insights into what is in front of us in the world of "band".  First, and most importantly, we want our students and band families to take care of themselves.  As each family figures out how to navigate this new social environment, we ask that you always take care of each other and each others needs.
We have two main items for our class that we want to share with you:
1) We want you to explore music that you love and we want you to share it with others. Find an old song that makes you smile and then find a place in your home to close the door and enjoy your favorite song.  Listen to music that makes you happy and find joy in listening to songs as you go about your day.
2) We want our students to pick up their instruments and try to get better at a song or an exercise.  We all need a physical release to our new environment.  It could be jogging, it could be walking the dog, or it could be playing your instrument.  Your instrument allows you to emote feelings that might otherwise be hard to express.  It also challenges your brain in ways that a video game or TV show can't.
We know that many of us will be working from home and that there can be a distraction created by practicing a musical instrument.  Because we have parents that need to make conference calls or just need "peace and quiet" to get their work done, a student's musical instrument can possibly get in the way.  
We hope that each family finds what works for them.  Is it a time of day?  Is it a length of time? Is it a location in the house? Please communicate as a family to find what works best for you!
We know that our students will not be at the same place they would be if we met everyday for 8 weeks.  The band staff does not have the expectation that they be able to perform 3 pieces of music along with other exercises given out in a normal class period.  We do want to provide instruction that will further their skills and also explore the amazing world of music that is around them.
We will also be providing alternative assignments for students who are looking to further their musical skills and have the capacity to practice throughout the day.  We also will have enrichment opportunities where our kids can learn about other types of music.  But this isn't a required part of the new curriculum, it's just for fun and with kids who have the desire.
We hope that you continue (or begin) your private lessons with your private teachers.  Many teachers are struggling during this time and to stop lessons means they lose their income.  I would also say that remote learning is the only option during this time and most teachers are adhering to this concept.  If they don't offer web-based learning, I would not partake in lessons.  My son is currently taking lessons on a platform called "Zoom" and it works fairly well.
If you are interested in lessons please see this document for our approved lesson teachers:  PRIVATE LESSONS
PLEASE DO NOT POST QUESTIONS TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.  We do not check this regularly and currently we have misinformation going out on our page.  As always, if you have a question, please email me and I'll get back to you.  Our Facebook page is a place to share accomplishments, post funny stories or other items that showcase our students.  
We have other "special items" that we are working on behind the scenes to further our students' development.  When we get back from Spring Break we will be announcing other amazing opportunities for our students.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.  As I tell the kids each day "We will see you, when we see you."

Jeremy Bradstreet
Director of Bands
Dublin Coffman High School
Performing Arts Lead Teacher 9-12, Dublin City Schools
Grammy® Finalist, Music Educator of the Year, 2019

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